About VentureMerch

VentureMerch is an ecommerce marketplace offering local businesses and creators a user friendly platform to sell their products and merch. Take an adventure and discover some new stores with great deals and just maybe even open your very own store too, transforming a hobby into a business.

So where does it all begin?

Florida born and raised, VentureMerch launched in 2019 as an ecommerce marketplace offering local businesses and creators a user friendly platform to sell their products and merch online, quickly and easily. Our ecommerce platform started back in 2008 based around trading DVD's and video games then was redesigned in 2019 to VentureMerch, now offering multiple ways to sell online with auctions, products, classifieds, and private stores where you can list everything in one place for your customers or fans.

With that said VentureMerch is not just for sellers but normal customers too! So not a business or creator? No worries! You can shop for products and merch from your favorite businesses and creators. Shop around to discover some new businesses, creators and VentureMerch stores.

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